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Bringing the mental skills and attitudes from performance sport in to the workplace we can help your business gain that crucial edge over competitors, through our workshops and consultations.


Working alongside you, we will develop and deliver a programme which targets the key areas involved with health promotion and staff well-being.

Benefits to the organisation

Therapeutic Service

The sporting world can be an incredibly difficult and pressured place at times. We understand that certain aspects are very difficult to discuss with the people around you which is why we are here to provide you with that support.

We offer a confidential counselling service for all sports professionals.

Our counsellor is fully qualified and very professional.

Typically we work between 6-12 sessions following a cognitive behavioural therapy approach.

Our areas of expertise include anxiety disorders, stress, depression, OCD behaviours, loss and grief as well as general issues.

Resource Development

At Mind In Sport we will work with you to develop the resources you require for your organisation.The areas we cover are;

Programme Development:

If you are thinking about introducing psychology and wellbeing in to your workplace/organisation/team our experienced team can help design a bespoke programme which adds value and compliments the resources and expertise in place.

Our innovative and collaborative approach will be guaranteed to bring you a brilliant programme whether you are a smaller organisation or large corporate/sports organisation.

Written Material:

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